2019/2020 Concert Tickets


With local and provincial Public Health Offices making great efforts to protect the public, we too wish to protect our students, their families, and our audience members from possible exposure to COVID-19. The remaining GYSO rehearsals and concert are canceled. There is no rehearsal on March 19th or 26th, and no concert on the 28th. At this time there is no plan to reschedule the performance.

The GYSO relies on income from ticket sales to help make membership in the orchestra affordable and available to all the talented musical youth of our community. Ticket sales also significantly help GYSO operation. We want the GYSO to continue to grow and be available and affordable to youth for many years and decades to come!


Please consider donating what would have been your ticket cost for the March 28th Concert to the GYSO. You can still purchase a "ticket" here (no purchases here will be refunded and are considered a donation). Or, you can visit https://www.gyso.ca/sponsorship to make a direct donation.


We immensely appreciate your support.

Polvetsian Dancer Borodin





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