Video Audition Instructions

Use these instructions to record your audition video.


  • Record your videos in a room and with a device that best displays your sound and tone. You do not need to worry about having your recording at a professional level (using a phone is fine).

  • You do not need to record your entire audition in one take - record each selection separately and do not compile your excerpts into one video. Please count through small amounts of rests that may occur in your excerpts.

  • Upload your video to a media-sharing website, such as YouTube or Vimeo. Write the URLs (the link addresses) of your videos in the Audition Form where requested.

  • Be sure to set your video to "public" or "unlisted" and not "private" - we need to be able to access your video to view it.

  • We do not accept videos as attachments in emails.

  • Editing or splicing of auditions is not permitted. 

Click here for audition requirements.

Click here for the audition form.